Best possible tax advantage on property investment
We can help you capitalise on your property investment to obtain the best possible tax advantage. Sun Accountants keep on top of every single tax concession affecting your investments - so you can relax, knowing your tax is in safe hands.

Tax returns for property investors just got more complicated with the government narrowing the types of deductions can be claimed by people investing in residential properties.
Sun Accountants is an expert in the field of investment property tax. Negative gearing property can save you on tax. The deductions you are entitled to, including:
Interests in investment property mortgage
Repairs and improvement expenses on investment property
Advertising for tenants
Depreciation on investment property
Real estate agent management fees
Council rates and more

Sun Accountants has years of experience in maximising clients’ tax advantage on investment property sector. If you are planning to purchase an investment property, Sun Accountants can give you professional advice on investment property. If you have already owned one, we can review your current tax situation and give feedback on maximising your tax benefit.

· Guidance in tax minimisation
· Advice on ownership structure
· Periodic reviews to ensure returns are maximised
· Forecasting of revenue returns, your financial position and potential growth.